• New!   Film Industry Orientation and The Business of Acting

Saturdays 10-11 AM   Weekly                                                   $ Free

This is an easy and fun first step to better understand the big picture of the TV/ Film “Biz” and all the moving parts and pieces that make it such an exciting industry!  You will learn what it takes to start and to be successful in an acting career, at any age.  We will give you a roadmap of starting steps and how to navigate the industry moving forward.  We will also share the realities of what to expect once you have dedicated yourself to your pursuit and offer lots of solid tips on how to work towards an early success in your career.   The local TV/ Film industry is growing fast!  Register early as space is limited.

Starts November 6, 2021.  Space is limited, sign up today!

  •  New!   ON CAMERA – The Foundation and Essential         $140 + GST

4 weeks, Wednesdays 6-8pm, starts November 10

For new actors, or those who are making a transition from BG or Theatre to TV/ Film. This fast paced class lays out the fundamentals of “on screen” acting and technique.  Students will quickly learn all the basics, from where to stand, where to look and how to be with a scene partner, all the way to preparing for an audition and the basics of set etiquette.  The class will contain lots of new vocabulary so be sure to bring a notepad/ tablet or phone.  Upon completion, the actor will have the knowledge and confidence to prepare and execute a quality audition and take their career journey to the next level.    (2) spaces open*

  • New!     IMPROV – The Basics- Ages 18+

            4 weeks, Tuesdays 6-8 pm,  Starts November 9            $140 + GST

GET ON YOUR FEET AND OUT OF YOUR HEAD!  This class is for actors, performers, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to loosen up, lighten up and get more comfortable and confident in the moment, anytime, anywhere. Improvisation is not complicated but it takes commitment and trust.  Learn more about yourself and others in an exciting new environment of your supportive new teammates and suddenly best friends.  Students wil build on a solid foundation of Improv Skills/ practices, and have lots of fun exploring theatre games specifically designed to:

-Improve listening and connection and be better understood

-Strengthen commitment and trust and personal character choices

-Gain confidence with your physicality and use of space

-Overcome fear and gain confidence

-Tell a better story and improve audition/ acting skills

(2) spaces open *

–   New!    Audition Skills / The Cold Read

            4 weeks, Mondays 6-8 pm OR Thursdays 6-8 pm             $140 + GST

Show up weekly, ready to work from your “gut” on cold read auditions with very little time to prepare.  You will learn to trust your impulse and Improv skills while making strong choices with intention and clarity.  You will then execute this audition on camera, in front of the Director, Producer and Casting Director played by your fellow actors and then review as a group. The roles will change weekly for a look at both sides of the audition process. This is essential training for the return to “in the room” auditions and callbacks as well as live zoom auditions and interviews.  Bring your own Mini SD card to keep your own auditions.  (3) spaces open*